Hello there. My name is Aaisha.

I am a 13 year old Muslim living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I’m a computer science student and ethical hacker.

I am also a designer & co-owner at Creative Melon.

Furthermore, I am a co-owner of Pearl Coral Group.

I am also a genetics and biology student.

Furthermore, I am also a chemistry and bioinformatics student.

Also, I am an aspiring scientific illustrator. Go check out my works down below.

I love writing and reading.

I’m a contributor on I Spy Technology.


I’m a hobbyist photographer.

I am a horse-rider and ardent animal lover, and have many pets.

I also am a professional Minecraft die-er.

Quora Answers

Quora Answer: “Why does a recessive occur…”

Question: Why does a recessive occur in an offspring and not in the phenotype of an individual? Answer: ======== Because a recessive trait is something that doesn’t have any phenotypic effect unless two copies of the allele is present. For an example, let’s take a look at a simple autosomal recessive disorder in humans, which is quite […]

Quora Answer: “What was Alexandre Dumas’ masterpiece?”

Question: What was Alexandre Dumas’ masterpiece? Answer: ======== Thanks for the A2A, and sorry for the *very* late reply. Didn’t check my answer section for a long time! I’ve got to agree with Holly Root-Gutteridge. I haven’t read many Dumas’ stories, but I’ve read The Count of Monte-Cristo and The Musketeers series, excepting the “Louise […]

Quora Answer: “What does the statement, ‘Alleles…'”

Question: What does the statement, “Alleles of different genes are inherited independently of each other.” mean? Answer: ======== ETA: If you start reading this answer and then think, but this is not the original question, then please scroll down for a bit. I realised that and have answered the question. First, a disclaimer. I am […]

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The effect of a single cream on black pigment

It is widely agreed that a single copy of the cream allele located at the MATP locus dilutes the red horse to a palomino, and a bay to a buckskin. Yet, it is frequently debated whether it dilutes a black horse. In truth, this recurring debate is rather futile as the answer is simple, for […]

What is a bay horse?

Bay horses is one of the most common horse colors out there. They have an unmistakable appearance; red body, black mane, tail and legs. However common they may be, and simple in appearance, the color is incredibly disputed on, when it comes to the genetics of it. In truth, it’s quite simple genetics that make […]

Roan in the horse

NOTE: I wrote this article a while ago, and have since learned that some of the information I wrote could be incorrect, or incomplete. An update post will be published soon, but until then, this article can be deemed incorrect We all tend to like a beautiful chestnut horse with white scattered throughout in a […]

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