My name is Aaisha Muhammad. I am an twelve-year-old Muslim girl homeschooler living in South Africa.

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What is a bay horse?

Bay horses is one of the most common horse colors out there. They have an unmistakable appearance; red body, black mane, tail and legs. However common they may be, and simple in appearance, the color is incredibly disputed on, when it comes to the genetics of it. In truth, it’s quite simple genetics that make […]

Roan in the horse

We all tend to like a beautiful chestnut horse with white scattered throughout in a common color called roan, don’t we? What are the odds of producing the strawberry roan mentioned above in a cross of a chestnut and a roan? Let’s dive in. Please keep in mind that this explanation is only valid when […]


Horse Genetics: Overo Lethal White Syndrome

Imagine having a cute little foal, pure white, hobbling around your barn. But then, imagine that the same cute horse dies within 72 hours! Harsh, right? But it is the simple truth. What is the case with that otherwise healthy foal?   Frame overo in the horse Frame overo is often greatly misunderstood, mostly because of […]

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