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52Frames Week 09 – Depth of Field

This is my submission for week 09 of 52Frames, Depth of Field.


Image Details


“(Un)rolled petals”
This has to be the most abundant plant in our house. It is some unknown flowering weed, which, however, is all over the place. I love playing with my camera’s DoF, so this week I decided to focus on the EC Macro instead. I think I’ve got something good, and I am satisfied, other than the title. I just realized afterwards that instead of the flower with the rolled petals, I had ended up focusing on the part of a normal flower, hence the (un)rolled petals. I also am slightly annoyed by the distracting stem at the side, but cropping it ruined my composition and I don’t like editing my photography otherwise, so I decided to let it go.

Camera: Sony A500
Shutter: 1/60th of a second
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 200
Lens: Sony 18-55mm@45mm

This photo qualifies for the “Extra Credit” challenge: “Macro”


Critique Recieved


“Nice bokeh” – 52Framer

“I love the depth of field here and that bokeh is gorgeous! I might have brightened the shadows and toned down the highlights a little to balance the image but the detail on those flowers is superb and it’s spot on for the brief of Depth of Field.Well done!” – CC Group Member

“Nicely done and another week with amazing bokeh. I love the focus on only the one flower (something I still battle getting right). I too find the stray branch a bit distracting but understand why you kept it.” – CC Group Member

“Great DOF and bokeh!” – 52Framer

“Very pretty, Aaisha. Well done on MF. I still struggle! Nice DoF & colours. Nothing more to add critique wise than has been said above. Lovely photo.” CC Group Member

This is an incredibly shallow depth of field, especially given that it was taken at f5.6. My only cc would be really that I wonder if moving around it just slightly would have meant that the left-hand in-focus flower wasn’t obscured by that blurry one. (Does that make any sense?) That bokeh is great. I can never get good bokeh like that!” – CC Group Member

“Gorgeous. I love the rich lighting.” – 52Framer

“I love the lighting! Great depth and colors!” – 52Framer

“Perfect for the theme.”  – 52Framer

“Beautiful colors & lighting! I love the bokeh!” – CC Group Member



There are few things I dislike about this image. As I mentioned in the image description, I really was supposed to focus on the flower with rolled petals, but I slipped up and somehow didn’t notice until I had already come to submitting. I decided to put it anyway. Next, there was the stem in the side with which I am rather upset too, but as I mentioned it the post, it was ruining the entire photo to crop it out.