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52Frames Week 12 – Black & White

This is my submission for week 12 of 52Frames, Black & White.


Image Details


“Lines of Nature”
Firstly, excuse the title. I am in a very un-creative mood right now and absolutely nothing came to mind, even though I rather dislike very obvious titles.

I once again deviated from my self-implied SOOC challenge, for obvious reasons. This photo was originally shot on my in-camera black and white mode, then enhanced in LR and finally watermarked in PS.

Camera: Sony A500
Shutter: 1/60th of a second
Aperture: f/3.5
ISO: 200
Lens: Sony 18-55mm@18mm


Critique Received


” I like the sharp focus, the leading lines and the use of the rules of third. I do however find the background a bit busy. I like how the brightest part of the photo draw your eye to the center of the plant. Nicely done!” – CC Group Member

“All of the lines are a feast for the eyes. I really like it. I feel like I want it to be a bit brighter, but you might have lost your rich darks in the background.” – 52Framer

“I love those lines! The focus is excellent, with beautifully sharp leaves and you can make out just enough of the background to see that the plant is in its natural environment. I like the second plant in the bottom right hand corner, looks like the baby brother of the main one! Great B&W!” – CC Group Member

“Nice sharp focus on the lines. I wonder how it would look more off centred? I do like all the tones & the natural setting. Really lovely B&W, Aaisha.” – CC Group Member

“All those lines certainly draw your eye to the centre, which is great. I wonder if you could have got the background more out of focus, as I agree it’s quite busy. Fabulous focus on the centre of the plant.” – CC Group Member



This was a random shot, but I do like the outcome. I like the leading lines, but I do have to agree that the background is a bit busy. Overall, however, I do like the picture.