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52Frames Week 20 – Something You Dislike

This is my submission for week 20 of 52Frames, Something you dislike.


Image Details


Many people like it. Many don’t. I consider myself to be in the latter category. In fact, it is rather hard to like it. It does, however, run on patterns. Patterns. A bit of repetition. A bit of complexity. I like each of these thing on their own (who doesn’t like a challenge?). But THIS, is different. Mathematics; useful, sure. Nice? Nope. NOpe. NOPE!

I underexposed this photo on purpose, I don’t know why. And it is black and white, for the record.

Camera: Sony A500
Shutter: 1/30th of a second
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 200
Lens: Sony 18-55mm@55mm


Critique Recieved


I had the same topic. I agree!” – 52Framer

“I agree! Is this a bit underexposed? Or are you just trying to convey the inherent darkness of the discipline? Lol” – 52Framer

“ I like your idea for the assignment. Was never my favourite subject, either! – CC Group Member

“I really like the lines in this image and the underexposure just adds to the doom and gloom. I LOVE your focus” – CC Group Member

“Yep, not my favourite either and you’ve really caught the misery of the subject here! The focus and exposure add to the story. Well done!” – CC Group Member

“I agree with the above comments and love the DOF and the drama of the underexposure and the B&W. I do however like mathematics  – CC Group Member

“I like the composition of this, with the margin of the paper leading the eye in, and the 0.85 in the centre. I’d be interested to know why you chose to have it upside down? Love the shallow DoF. Can’t agree that maths is horrid. I loved it. My favourite subject at school. – CC Group Member

“I like math (we Americans don’t add the “s”). It’s an interesting picture. I understand why you underexposed it, but I think you overdid it. Other than that, it’s a good photo.” – 52Framer

“ I love the idea here, and the ways you have conveyed dislike–upside down, slanted, dark, and very shallow DOF. I do think a little more light would make the image more vivid without losing the emphasis.” – 52Framer



I actually don’t have much to add to this. Perhaps a bit lighter, as several commenters mentioned, too, but overall, I am quite pleased with this.