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52Frames Week 24 – 100 Steps From Your Door

This is my submission for week 24of 52Frames, 100 steps from your door.


Image Details


“Backlit Leaves”
More obvious titles. Either way, I am really happy with this shot. I didn’t count how many steps from my door that is, but it is in a close proximity from my door, so it counts.

This plant (weed) was in a patch of direct sunlight, with a rather heavy dark spot behind it, as it was in a corner. With the camera on the floor, I angled it to be somewhat backlit, but not exactly what you’d call that. Either way, quite happy with the outcome.

The background appeared fully black in-camera, and not in my computer, but I like it anyway.

Camera: Sony A500
Shutter: 1/1250
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 200
Lens: Sony 18-55mm@55mm


Critique Recieved


” I like the drama of the framing. I might have wanted to see the foreground leaves in focus too. Great lighting” – 52Framer

Nicely captured, Aaisha. The textures on the leaves are lovely.” – 52Framer

“This is a very dramatic shot and the colours and textures are excellent. I do find my eye drawn to the large out of focus foreground leaf though, as it is a paler colour and the eye naturally goes to the lightest area of a photo. Perhaps you could have darkened it down in post processing. However, I really like the positioning of the bud and the black negative space.” – CC Group Member

“I agree with Carol about the front leave drawing the eye, but I do feel that it leads the eye to the tiny centre leaves. I love the dark background. I had comments on a photo that the eye sees from left to right and that you should not place the subject in to the right … I however like doing it and it works really well here. Nicely done for a weed ” – CC Group Member

“Well, the background looks properly black to me, Aaisha. I’m going to disagree with others and say I quite like the blurry leaf in the foreground. There is another in-focus one to the bottom left of it which I find a little distracting and may have tried to remove. (As it’s a weed, the removal could be done in real life rather than in the photo?) My eye goes straight to the new leaves and bud. In this particular photo, I do find that large watermark distracting. The lighting is fabulous, with light both on that wonderful textured surface and coming through some of the leaves. Nice one.” – CC Group Member

“well done” – 52Framer

“Aaisha I love the texture you caught in the leaves, and the dramatic framing of this shot. I too find that lowest/most forward leaf a bit distracting, perhaps cropping a small portion from the bottom, or darkening it as carol recommended would minimize this. I love the simplicity but varying tomes of your backgound. – CC Group Member

“I love the blurry leaf in the foreground.” – Mom



I am very happy with how this image turned out, seeing that is 100% SOOC other than the watermark. I personally like the blurry leaf in the foreground; the in-focus one in the back is a bit distracting. Otherwise, one of my favorites.