AaishaM Photography

Wondering Eyes

(This photo is not edited at all, just watermarked. The white backdrop on half of it was caused by taking a ‘high key’ image on a sunny day.)

I took this photo of you, dear Duke, as you gazed with your wondering eyes
Into the lens of the camera.
I think about your curious mind everytime I see this photo.
I still remember the sunny day, when I took this photo of you.
I still remember the day you arrived, snuggled into your mother.
A mere few hours old, beside your little sister and your similar brother.
You were but a tabby. You weren’t but a barn cat
But you were special in your way.
I still remember the day you walked out of your box.
Your first steps into the outer world.
I still remember your mother’s’ desperate attempts to move you.
Your first time you grew too big for your box.
I still remember your first morsel.
Your first time you tasted.
I still remember your first drink.
You didn’t know how to drink and sneezed everywhere.
I still remember how your siblings grew.
But you were tiny.
I still remember your first walk to the feeding room.
Your first true adventure.
I still remember when my little brother hugged you.
And called you his own cat.
I still remember your curious eyes turn from blue to brown.
And I still remember the day you discovered your ability to climb.
I still remember the day you wouldn’t move.
The day I worried for you.
I still remember your last struggle to cuddle with a human.
As your last moment home.
And I still and will always remember, your last breath.
You are now gone.
You just leave a memory
I will always remember you, dear Duke Hern.

Camera: Sony A500
Lens: 3.5-5.6/18-55 SAM

Focus & Shooting Mode: Taken on M mode and MF setting.
Aperture: 5.6
Shutter speed: 1/30 sec.
ISO: 200
Zoom: 55mm
Editing: None