Quora Answer: “What was Alexandre Dumas’ masterpiece?”


What was Alexandre Dumas’ masterpiece?



Thanks for the A2A, and sorry for the *very* late reply. Didn’t check my answer section for a long time!

I’ve got to agree with Holly Root-Gutteridge. I haven’t read many Dumas’ stories, but I’ve read The Count of Monte-Cristo and The Musketeers series, excepting the “Louise de la Valliere” section because of how boring the previous one was.

Either way, I rank the The Count as the best. The plot it amazing, exploring Dante’s journey from a humble sailor, to a cold-blooded impersonation of cunning, justice and revenge to a more heartfelt man again. The plotline is smooth, the characters perfect, but not perfect in-story, being flawed and human, not saint-like impersonations of goodness itself, which is for me the winning point of the characters, because Dante’s is not a amazing human. He is not a always nice character, which is what makes the character amazing.

The musketeers follows close, with “The Three Musketeers” itself being a nice masterpiece. The next has to be “The Man in The Iron Mask”. It follows the death of (almost) all of our heroes, has a epic, fast-pace storyline, and adventure and danger are abundant, which is what I love in a story. Great story overall.


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