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Why did the Count of Monte Cristo initially use Haydée as a pawn for his plans?



I am late, but the count knits a complex web to entrap his enemies. He doesn’t involve himself in his revenge, until the very end. If you’ve read the entire novel, you’ll see that 1) He uses Andrea Calvacanti (Benedetto) and Bertuccio to reveal the secret that Gerad and Hermine tried to conceal from the world, thus revealing M. de Villefort, Procureur de Roi, the Living Statue of Law, as a criminal who tried to commit infanticide. (Talk about putting an assassin to death?)

2) He uses Haydee to reveal the treachery of Comte de Morcerf, or Fernand Mondego, toward Ali Pasha, which didn’t affect Edmond in any way. Yet, he causes him to suffer socially, and then almost loses his son, who was saved by Mercedes’s plea to the count, who reveals to her the treachery of her husband, causing mother and son to abandon the husband and father, causing him to commit suicide. So you see, how he uses Haydee as a tool of his revenge against Fernand.

3) He uses a few people to add, by pieces, to the downfall of Danglars, though he does forgive him. The first one is Benedetto, who by getting engaged to, and almost married to, Eugiene Danglars, and then getting arrested, publicly humiliated Danglars. Then he used himself, by walking off with his five millions, to drive him to near-bankruptcy, thus convincing him to go off to Italy, where he used Luigi Vampa to deliver the “finishing blow”. No doubt, he wished to let him rot in prison for much longer, but seeing Edward, Villefort’s completely innocent son die for nothing but his thirst for revenge, caused him to realise he had transgressed the limits. He therefore, released and forgave Danglars, even though, had it not been for his plan, Edmond would have been captain of the Pharaoan, the wife of Mercedes, and doubtless, very happy.

Anyway, I gave a longer explanation then you needed, but there is how Haydee was a pawn for him. He went to whatever extent was needed, be it purchasing a slave girl for a emerald the size of a nut, to accomplish a revenge he in the end regretted. Also, he forwarded the demise of Villefort himself, by whispering in the ear of his greedy wife, the deadly words of poison.

He also prevented himself from being criminal more than those he revenged himself on by forgiving the most culpable of his three enemies.


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